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At Samuel, we understand that our U.S., Canadian, and international clients depend on comprehensive intelligence to grasp the impact of Washington’s policies on their interests.

Our firm offers unmatched expertise in Washington’s inner workings, providing essential data, insights, and connections to help clients achieve their goals.

Our clients value our practical, efficient, and straightforward approach to tackling important issues, allowing them to anticipate future trends and steer toward success.

Translating Strategy
Into Action

We are passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic objectives through effective execution.

Our client-centric proven approach combines collaboration, strategy alignment, actionable roadmaps, engaged leadership, communication, and performance tracking.

About Samuel

Trusted Advisors to Business and Governments

Samuel Group D.C. provides government affairs and strategic advisory services offering political, regulatory and federal opportunity support to a select clientele in the U.S., Canada, and internationally.

We are trusted partners and advisors to C-suite executives and Government leaders.

Leverage the SamuelAdvantageTM to unlock unparalleled access and expertise across the Samuel Group of Companies.

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